BOCA & BOHSA Application

BOCA & BOHSA Application


Applications are due by November 1 at 11:59 pm EST and may be submitted electronically only.


There are two components to a complete application: an application form (including $35 entry fee) and an album submission. All of these materials must be submitted electronically by 11:59 pm EST on November 1.

Part I: Application

Please complete the application form below. Please note that upon clicking "submit," a box will open prompting you to pay your $35 entry fee with a credit card. You MUST pay your entry fee at this time, or your application will not be submitted.

Part II: Album Submission

Please zip an MP3 version of your album and upload it to our Hightail drop box here:

Please title your submission in Hightail with your group and school name -- NOT your album name. Each track name, artist name, and album name must be properly labeled with the track name, your group and school name, and your album name -- not the original artist's. This is very important! We need every single album and individual track properly labeled, or we can easily lose track of whose track we are listening to!

Only tracks recorded on or after June 1 (18 months before the November 1 deadline) will be considered. You may submit individual tracks and tracks that have not yet been commercially released.


Groups accepted to BOCA and BOHSA will be required to send us a full-resolution CD quality (16 bit 44.1 kHz minimum) WAV or AIFF file within three days of notification of acceptance. Please be prepared to provide that as early as November 4. If your file is not received in the required timeframe, your spot on the album may be given to another group. Therefore, please do not submit any tracks for consideration if you are not prepared to submit the full-resolution version immediately. When possible, please retain a copy of your original, unmastered mix from your mixing engineer. If your track is selected, this is the best version to submit to our mastering engineer, Bill Hare, so he can ensure that your track sounds the best it can on our album.

Groups accepted to BOCA and BOHSA will be required to pre-purchase 50 albums for $6 each, for a total of $300. You are encouraged to in turn sell these discs at whatever price you would like.

Tracks will be chosen by album founder Deke Sharon and Varsity Vocals Executive Director Amanda Newman. Factors for consideration include song selection, intonation, arrangement, balance, solo, and production quality.

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