Despite the global pandemic, Varsity Vocals is committed to bringing our community the 26th season of the ICCA tournament. Thought most of our events this year will be live, some competitors will participate in a virtual format, with their recorded 10-minute performance will be judged using the same criteria as the live events.

By request, some competitors nationwide have been assigned to a formal Virtual Region. Winners from this region will advance to our (virtually-held) Finals Wild Card, where they will compete against 2nd and 3rd place groups from other regional semifinals, in video format.

Due to the surge in COVID cases in late December/early January, some of our earlier live quarterfinals have been converted to virtual. For those events, competitors will submit videos to be evaluated against the other groups assigned to that quarterfinal. The winners of these virtual quarterfinals will advance to the live semifinal in their region.

All rules that are applicable at a live show also apply to the virtual round. Competitors are instructed to record their live, 10-minute competition set with no starts, stops, or cuts, and with zero post-editing to the audio and video.

Competitor videos may be filmed on stage using microphones, or simply performing for the cameras in your rehearsal room.

Competitors must sing during this videotaped performance; recording audio separately and syncing to video is not permitted.

No editing, mixing, or special effects should be applied to the video. This includes the filming and editing-in of various camera angles — this is not allowed.

Our judges are experienced in evaluating video performances and will be additionally instructed to use extra care, in recognition that the quality of videos may vary. We do not require or even expect that these videos be of professional quality. Our expectation is that you set up your smart phone, hit record, and perform.

Virtual competitors, you will receive instructions on how to submit your videos, due February 26.


Competitor videos participating in these these virtual “events” will be linked here as well as on our events page and will include a live announcement of the results. These virtual events will be completely free to view. More details to follow.


We are grateful for your patience and continued support as we pivot, pivot, and pivot again throughout this season in an effort to offer our singers the most robust experience possible during these unprecedented times. We are excited to be with you all once again this season — sometimes live, sometimes virtual, but always with a shared love of a cappella music and the connection it brings.