BOCA 2021  |  BOHSA 2021

We are thrilled to present two brand new, incredible albums that will once again push the boundaries of a cappella excellence.

BOCA and BOHSA 2021 are a continuation of the full assimilation of digital recording technology into collegiate a cappella artistry. As is the case with any technology, it takes a while for it to be absorbed before it becomes invisible. Early stereo recordings are very clumsy by today’s standards, with the drums in one ear and the guitars in another, but eventually experimentation dissipated and the sound of stereo became second nature. Such is the case with modern digital recording technology and scholastic a cappella, as evidenced year over year on our BOCA and BOHSA albums.

Choosing BOCA this year was a very enjoyable experience, as so many songs immediately rose to the level of professional album that the discussion was more often one of deciding between two exemplary recordings of the same song, which is a great problem to have. Throw in a few exceptional original songs, and you really get a feel for where collegiate a cappella is as an art form today. On BOHSA, the maturity of singing is stunning, with complex, emotionally nuanced songs once again a staple this year — such that the age of the singers is near impossible to discern.

These aren’t just great a cappella compilation albums; they are great albums, period — and ones you’re going to return to time and again. BOCA and BOHSA 2021 will drop on Apple Music and Spotify in February. Please note that we are no longer printing physical copies of our albums.

To see all of our BOCA and BOHSA releases over the years, check out our albums page.

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BOCA: Best Of College A Cappella 2021


01. I’ll Be Waiting – OPB Adele
Gold Vibrations | Oakland University

02. I Have Nothing – Whitney Houston
Pitchmen | Belmont University

03.  The Only Thing – OPB Sufjan Stevens
The AllNighters | Johns Hopkins University

04. Soul’s Anthem (It Is Well) – OPB Tori Kelly
Prismatics | Belmont University

05. All Time Low – OPB Jon Bellion
On The Rocks | University of Oregon

06. Commit Me – OPB Suzy Jones, Alex Boyd
The Chordials | Cornell University

07. Freedom – OPB Beyonce
Ramifications | Virginia Commonwealth University

08. Location – OPB Khalid
MinorVariation | University of Virginia

09. Open Arms – OPB PRETTYMUCH
The Crosstones | Bates College

10. Evergreen – OPB Yebba
Harmonic Notion | Vanderbilt University

11. More – OPB Lawrence
InAchord | Boston University

12. Zak and Sara – OPB Ben Folds
Achordants | University of North Carolina

13. God is a Woman – OPB Ariana Grande
Pitches & Notes | University of Wisconsin-Madison

14. Breathing Underwater – OPB Emile Sande
No Ceiling | College of William & Mary

15. Still In Love – OPB Thirdstory
Juxtaposition | Virginia Tech

16. Still Rolling Stones – OPB Lauren Daigle
Minor Variation | Wake Forest University

17. Bird Set Free – OPB Sia
Out Of The Blue | Duke University

18. Oops!…I Did It Again – OPB Britney Spears
The Doo Wop Shop | University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Track Selection: Amanda Newman and Deke Sharon
Album Production: Amanda Newman
Production Assistant: gaba
Album Artwork: Kate Serling

BOHSA: Best Of High School A Cappella 2021

01. Someone To Your – OPB Banners
OneVoice | Briarcrest Christian School

02. Vox Populi – OPB Thirty Seconds To Mars
Highlands Belles | Northern Highlands Regional High School

03. bad idea – OPB Ariana Grande
Noise Complaint | West Orange High School

04. Put The Gun Down – OPB ZZ Ward
Catalyst | Northmont High School

05. Broken & Beautiful – OPB Kelly Clarkson
KC A Cappella | Kansas City, MO

06. Walk On Water – Thirty Seconds To Mars
Remedy A Cappella | Argyle High School

07. All For Us – OPB Labrinth feat. Zendaya
Highlands Voices | Northern Highlands Regional High School

08. Evergreen – OPB Yebba
The 18 Wheelers | The Wheeler School

09. Might Not Like Me – OPB Brynn Elliott
Highlands Harmonics | Northern Highlands Regional High School

10. Let Her Go – OPB Passenger
Impulse | Northmont High School

11. Grown – OPB Little Mix
Ladies Knight | Oak Creek High School

12. Secret for the Mad – OPB dodie
South Avenue | Plymouth South High School

13. Older – OPB Ben Platt
Skyline Blues | Ann Arbor Skyline High School

Track Selection: Amanda Newman and Deke Sharon
Album Production: Amanda Newman
Production Assistant: gaba
Album Artwork: Kate Serling