UPDATE 3/12 at 6:30 PM EST: In keeping with shutdowns of Broadway, the NCAA, and the NBA, it is with great sadness that Varsity Vocals is cancelling ICCA and ICHSA Finals in April.

Competitors, we will no longer be accepting video submissions. We are deeply sorry to those of you who have already made arrangements to do so. We would continue the virtual semifinal round at our own great cost simply as a service to you, but it is clear your parents do not want you sticking around to record.

Finals ticketholders, your tickets will be refunded. You do not need to do anything to request a refund, but please be patient. It is after business hours in New York and the box office will need time to issue the refunds. 

We are proud to participate in flattening the curve but deeply saddened that we cannot provide the opportunity so many of you still want and wish we could scrape together. Please know this decision was made with great consideration and sadness on the part of Varsity Vocals executive team. We cherish your performances and efforts and thank you for a great, if abbreviated, season. We’ll see you next year.

UPDATE 3/11 at 5:00 PM EST: In response to the latest developments surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19), Varsity Vocals is cancelling all remaining quarterfinal and semifinal events.

Competitors, you will receive instructions from your producers on how to participate via video submissions to be evaluated by our judges.

Ticketholders, all tickets will be refunded in full.

After results of all virtual semifinals have been determined — by March 29 — we will reassess and determine whether or not we can proceed with ICCA and ICHSA Finals, currently scheduled for April 17 and 18.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we have adapted to this situation. Our hearts are broken for the thousands of singers who have prepared for these events all year. We are so incredibly humbled to know that, for so many of you, ICCA and ICHSA Semifinals are the pinnacle of your student performing career. We remain so grateful that you have devoted so much of your time, talent, money, and heart to the incredible sets you’ve created with your groups. For 23 years, we have been so proud to provide the stage where you have sung your hearts out for your adoring families and fans — and we are so very sorry that it can’t happen this year.


UPDATE 3/11 2:00 PM EST: We continue to monitor the situation and do the best we can to make appropriate choices. It is looking like many of our events will need to be cancelled, due to university closures preventing groups from being able to participate. We respect and understand these safety precautions and will adapt accordingly as this occurs.

At this time, will not be canceling all events outright preemptively. Again, this is because these events cannot be rescheduled or postponed due to the academic calendar and structure of finals. Competitors will need to compete via virtual video submission, which, due to sync licensing restrictions of cover music, may not be viewed or aired publicly.

It’s a heartbreaking situation for all of us, and we appreciate your patience and understanding. Please remember that participation in this tournament is OPTIONAL, as is attendance. If you don’t like this policy, please make a personal choice and do not attend.


Varsity Vocals is monitoring the developments surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19). At this time, the CDC and local public health officials do not recommend shutting down events in the areas we are currently scheduled. As such, most of our events are proceeding as planned.

Ticket holders, if there is a change to your event, we will notify you via the email address you used to purchase tickets, as well as on our social media and website.

Competitors, please assume your event is taking place unless you hear otherwise from your producer.

Unfortunately, as our events are part of a tournament and feed into upcoming finals, it is incredibly difficult to postpone; in most cases, our only option would be to cancel outright. Postponing finals is nearly impossible, given the difficulty of booking an appropriate venue in NYC less than 12-18 months in advance. Please bear in mind that each event involves the friends and fans of 10 competing groups, five judges, and our production and sound engineering teams. Finding an agreeable new date is nearly impossible, let alone finding a new venue.

For all our events, our team will be taking safety precautions, including cleaning and disinfecting microphones between each student’s use. (We always do this, but we will take extra care now.)

We encourage attendees and participants to review the CDC’s current advice for the general public, which at this point simply includes proper hand washing, using hand sanitizer, covering your cough or sneeze with your elbow, and self-isolating if you feel ill.

If anything changes warranting a reevaluation, we assure you we will immediately assess, address, and respond to the new situation

Of course, attendance at or participation in this event is entirely voluntary, unlike workplaces and universities. Should you feel it’s not right for you to attend or participate, that is absolutely your choice to make.

Thank you for your understanding.