The Varsity Vocals Production Assistant Training Program is designed for anyone interested in learning what it is like to be a producer for the ICCA, the ICHSA, or the Open. This unpaid program is currently accepting applicants from all of our regions for the 2018 ICCA, ICHSA, and Open seasons.

The program functions as a season-long training where participants will learn all that goes into producing Varsity Vocals events. The program, running January-April and/or June-September, is split into three segments; Observations, Portfolio Project, and Field Experience.

• Complete observations at regional ICCA/ICHSA/Open events.
• Complete a portfolio project to explore the requirements of ICCA/ICHSA/Open producers.
• Maintain correspondence with the PA Training Program Coordinator and hosts in your region via e-mail and phone, updating them on all pertinent information regarding your events.
• Assist in the marketing of your regional events.
• Attend events in your assigned region for a field-based experience.
• Assist your regional producer on the day of events.
• Check-in with the PA Training Program Coordinator on a monthly basis for the length of the program.

Job requirements
• Live within the region assigned and have access/availability to travel to regional events.
• Basic written and oral communication skills.
• Basic knowledge of Office products (Word & Excel) and Google Apps.

How to apply
Please complete an application and submit an interest letter to Elise Hackl, PA Training Program Director at [email protected]. The deadline to apply is November 10.