The 25th season of Varsity Vocals tournaments will look unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before.

With COVID-19 cases on the rise and quarantine restrictions in place, performing arts participation remains nearly impossible worldwide. A cappella groups can’t gather to rehearse safely, much less polish a competition set to perform before a live audience.

Our mission has always been to foster an environment where a cappella artists can grow and learn from each other. It’s our job to set the stage — and the groups rise to the occasion and blow us away.

This year, our stage will look different. For all three tournaments — ICCA, ICHSA, and The Open — groups are challenged to create a 4-minute music video in lieu of a traditional competition set, all while maintaining appropriate social distancing measures. All audio and video recording, mixing, and editing must be done by group members and their director — which means many are already working on acquiring these new skills. (A helpful, community-sourced resource guide for audio/video tutorials and trainings may be found here: VV RESOURCE GUIDE.) And “shows” will be fully virtual, presented as playlists made available to the public.

The difficulty of learning and performing music, and creating something vocally and visually artistic and appealing — without being able to come together in a traditional way — is considerable. We honestly weren’t sure who would audition to participate.

But — as it turns out — not even a global pandemic can stop a cappella.

We are honored to present your 2021 Varsity Vocals Tournament Lineup:

ICCA 2021 Lineup
The 25th ICCA tournament will feature 3,500 singers from 249 groups in 33 states and 5 countries.
(click above link to view competitors and event assignments)

ICHSA 2021 Lineup
The 16th ICHSA tournament will feature 3,000 performers in 193 groups from 30 states and two countries.

The Open 2021 Lineup
The 4th Open tournament will feature 350 singers from 37 groups across 16 states and 6 countries.

All “events” — quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals — will take place virtually, as playlists of the groups’ competition videos.

This year, we are thrilled to offer our tournaments completely free of charge — there is no fee to participate, and no ticket to purchase to watch the shows.

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We at Varsity Vocals are incredibly humbled that so many of you have risen to the challenge this new tournament format presents. Instead of having a lost year of a cappella, we will now get to see so many amazing groups pivoting to new ways of artistic expression. We can’t wait to see what you create, and the ways in which your new skills will advance the art form.