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The Real-Life Pitch Perfect

Yes, we’re real! The movie is based on a true story of college groups facing off in our ICCA championship

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A Cappella Around the Globe

Our tournaments feature 450 groups at 60+ events worldwide. Find the next show near you and join us for an aca-mazing time!

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2016 ICCA & ICHSA Tickets On Sale Dec. 1

Most of our shows sell out in advance. Don’t miss your chance to cheer on your favorite group!

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Best of College & High School Albums

For 20 years, we’ve compiled the best tracks in student a cappella to make the ultimate a cappella mix tapes.

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2015 ICCA & ICHSA Final Results

Check out the big winners from last season, including our 2015 ICCA & ICHSA Champions!

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We are Pitch Perfect

Millions of people saw the true story of our ICCA tournament in the hit movies Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 — now the highest-grossing music comedy film series ever! The ICCA is also featured in the new POP TV docu-series Sing It On. Pins and needles, people!

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Your 2016 ICHSA Lineup

Our 11th season is our biggest yet! Over the past ten years, the ICHSA has grown from one or two shows each year to a full-fledged tournament with quarterfinal rounds. We were thrilled to receive a record number of applications this year — so many, in fact, that... read more

Your 2016 ICCA Lineup

In both caliber of performances and sheer volume of competitors, our 20th ICCA season is going to be HUGE! Congratulations to all the groups accepted to the 2016 ICCA lineup! There are 341 groups in our tournament this year — and that’s not counting the UK... read more

BOCA & BOHSA 2016 Track Selections

BOCA 2016 is moody, dramatic, and intense, while BOHSA 2016 is peppy and upbeat. Both are full of jaw-dropping talent! College groups continue pushing the envelope in the studio — and in live performance! We are thrilled to feature our very first live track on... read more

Music is our life. It’s what drives us; it’s what heals us.
If ever you get the opportunity to create music with somebody else,
cherish every moment of that process.
It is the most fulfilling and rewarding experience you can ever have.
There is no better feeling. We’ll see you next year, ICCA.”

— Isaac Willnow, Music Director, Northeastern University Nor’Easters