The Gooding Cup

Be a part of a cappella history

Created by the maker of the Grammy Awards and named for our benefactors, The Gooding Cups are a symbol of innovation and excellence in a cappella, both past and future.

The Gooding Cups were custom designed and hand-crafted by John Billings, the maker of the Grammy Awards, in 2015. The names of all of our champions since our tournament’s inception in 1996 are engraved on these awards, and the winners of the ICCA and ICHSA get to hold them up in their moment of victory and keep them for the year to display on their campus and in their hometowns.

The Gooding Cups are named for Don and Kate Gooding, the previous owners of Varsity Vocals, who for many years were tireless in their advocacy and investment in encouraging the growth of a cappella.

These trophies honor the big winners in a cappella, but they are dedicated to the many people who have promoted and participated in our programs long before a cappella enjoyed the easy mega-publicity of a major motion picture, network television shows, and a cable docu-series.

It is the incredible effort of the people behind the scenes that has helped move a cappella into the national spotlight, and with these awards, we honor these unsung heroes as well as our long history of champions!