Our first season of The Open is here!

Congratulations to all of the groups accepted to the 2017 Open! We couldn’t have imagined how big the #acaopen would be in its very first year and are so thrilled to have these talented groups joining us in the excitement! This year, The Open will feature nearly 600 performers in 65 groups from across 4 continents! Some of these groups have been together for years, others formed a cappella “dream teams” just to compete in The Open, and all of them really astounded us with their talent. You won’t want to miss seeing them on our stage.

The first season of The Open will be made up of six regional semifinals events across North America and one virtual (online) semifinal for our international competitors, who hail from too disparate of locations to come together in person. The winner of each of these seven semifinals will be named Regional Champion and will advance to The Open Finals. As in the ICCA and ICHSA, groups that place second and third at semifinals are entered into our Wild Card, a virtual round evaluated by some of our top Varsity Vocals judges — and the Wild Card Champion also advances to The Open Finals. The stage for The Open Finals, then, will feature our seven regional champions, one wild card champion, and of course our 2017 ICCA and ICHSA champions, competing at Carnegie Hall on Saturday, September 23, 2017, for the title of the world’s best a cappella group and a $25,000 grand prize.

Unfortunately, and largely due to geographical constraints, we were not able to accommodate all the groups who applied. If you don’t see your group’s name on the list, we hope we’ll hear from you again next season. We hope you’ll attend an Open event — they’ll be a great experience from the audience, too — and that you’ll consider applying next season.

Tickets for most events in The Open will go on sale on June 1. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for a reminder, or better yet, join our mailing list. Please remember that many of our Varsity Vocals events sell out in advance, so we recommend picking up tickets as early as possible.

Congratulations to our accepted groups, and welcome to the first season of the International Championship of A Cappella Open!

2017 International Championship of A Cappella Open Lineup

New England Region
7/29/2017 – Boston, MA
Birdland Avenue
Fermata Town
Martini Glass A cappella
Pitch Slapped
Similar Jones
The Cycle
The Funx
Women of the World

Northeast Region
8/5/2017 – New York City, NY
Echo A Cappella
RANGE a cappella
Reverb New York
The Lost Keys

Mid-Atlantic Region
8/5/2017 – College Park, MD
Broad Street Beat
CHoosE (Christian ‘Hoos Exalt)
King’s Post
Rutgers RAAG
Spectrum Vocals
Transit Vocal Band

Midwest Region
8/5/2017 – DeKalb, IL
Black’d Out
Enharmonic Fusion
Impromptu A Cappella
Inside Voices
Michigan State Spartones
The Originals
Vintage Mix

Northwest (and Texas) Region
7/8/2017 – Tacoma, WA
Cosmic Voices
Straighter Road
Stumptown Fellas
Vocal Unrest
Wings Vocal Collective

Southwest Region
7/29/2017 – Los Angeles, CA
A Choired Taste
Business Casual
Mulholland Drive
Side Note
The Gentleman Project

International Region
A.K.A. Crescendo
Drums of War
The Quintessence

2017 ICHSA Champion
Vocal Rush

2017 ICCA Champion
The Nor’easters