Tickets for our events go on sale in January.

Tickets for our 2015-2016 ICCA & ICHSA season will go on sale in January. Thank you for your interest! *** Tickets to most of our events are available in advance (starting in January) through FreshTix, although some are only available through the venue itself.

To purchase tickets for a particular event, visit our events page, select an ICCA or ICHSA region to see a listing and purchase tickets. If tickets to an event are still listed as "on sale soon," it means they will be on sale soon but are not yet on sale. We will post a link on the event page as soon as it is available. Most ICCA & ICHSA quarterfinals and semifinals will sell out close to the event date or at the door, but plenty of tickets are available in advance. We do encourage you to purchase your tickets online, to ease the line at the door and ensure a comfortable, fun experience for you and all our patrons!