Despite the global pandemic, the 25th season of our ICCA tournament will take place in a fully virtual style and will feature 3,500 performers in 250 groups from universities across 33 states and 5 countries!

This season, competitors faced the challenge of creating a 4-minute music videos in lieu of a traditional competition set, all while maintaining appropriate social distancing measures. The difficulty of learning and performing music, and creating something vocally and visually artistic and appealing — without being able to come together in a traditional way — is considerable. And: all audio and video recording, mixing, and editing must be done by group members and their director — which means most had to acquiring these new skills.

The result has been an unparalleled leap in growth in our community, as young singers rose to the challenge this new format has presented. The artistry, creativity, and sheer effort that clearly went into the creation of these videos is second only to the enthusiasm and camaraderie groups are demonstrating. We are heartened and humbled to have set the stage for it.

This year — more than ever before —  our competition isn’t about seeing who’s best, it’s about seeing your best.


Each region will hold one livestream on Saturday, March 13. All the quarterfinals in that region will take place in the same livestream, followed by a live announcement of the results. These virtual events are completely free to view; please join us for the very first look at these incredible sets. Links to the livestream events are below, beneath each region name.

If you can’t join us live, or you want to watch over and over, we’ve got you: We will also post playlists of all the competitors’ sets on the Varsity Vocals YouTube channel immediately following the live streams.


ICCA, ICHSA, and The Open Semifinals will take place live on Saturday, April 10. Stay tuned!


We are so excited to share these brilliant and truly groundbreaking videos with you. Thank you for continuing to support our programs and, most importantly, the community of young artists we serve. Enjoy the shows!

2021 International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella Lineup


Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 7 pm EST via free livestream:
ICCA Northeast Livestream


Quarterfinal 1
The AcaBellas | Central Connecticut State University
The Bottom Line | Bryant University
Cadence of Yale | Yale University
Doox of Yale | Yale University
The Legends | Quinnipiac University
L’Shir | University of Hartford
Triple Major | Wesleyan University

Quarterfinal 2
The Chorallaries | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Doo Wop Shop | University of Massachusetts – Amherst
The LowKeys | Harvard University
Pace Frequency | Pace University
Vocal Pride | Springfield College
The Vocal Suspects | University of Massachusetts Amherst
Voicemale | Brandeis University

Quarterfinal 3
The Downbeats | Northeastern University
The Dynamics | Boston College
Hawkward | Roger Williams University
Pitch, Please! | Northeastern University
Treble Threat | Berklee College of Music
Upper Structure | Berklee College of Music
The Vocaholics | New York University

Quarterfinal 4
Cleftomaniacs | New York University
The Dutchmen | Hofstra University
The Hofbeats | Hofstra University
Makin’ Treble | Hofstra University
The Mixtapes | New York University
Sigma’cappella | Hofstra University
Vocollision | New York University


Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 7 pm EST via free livestream:
ICCA Mid-Atlantic Livestream


Quarterfinal 1
Juxtaposition | Virginia Tech
MelUDees | University of Delaware
No Ceiling | The College of William & Mary
The Notochords of VCU | Virginia Commonwealth University
The One Note Stand | University of Mary Washington
Untitled | Towson University
The Vocal Chords | Johns Hopkins University
Xenharmonics | Frostburg State University

Quarterfinal 2
The AllNighters | Johns Hopkins University
Castle Point Crescendos | Stevens Institute of Technology
Faux Paz | University of Maryland
Ramifications | Virginia Commonwealth University
Stockapella | Stockton University
Vi-BROAD-O | Temple University

Quarterfinal 3
8 to the Bar | Drexel University
Broad Street Line | Temple University
Echoes | Lehigh University
Rowan Vocals | Rowan University
RU RAAG | Rutgers University
The Trentones | The College of New Jersey
Under A Rest | West Chester University
Villanova Supernovas | Villanova University

Quarterfinal 4
Chromatic | Millersville University
The Deaftones | Westminster Choir College
Harmonic Combustion | Susquehanna University
LiaChorus | Temple University
Measure Up | Villanova University
The Melismatics | Lehigh University
The Octaves | University of Scranton
Off The Record | Lehigh University


Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 7 pm EST via free livestream:
ICCA Central Livestream


Quarterfinal 1
Absolute A Cappella | Cornell University
Binghamton Vibes | Binghamton University (SUNY)
Brick City Singers | Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
Groovestand A Cappella | Syracuse University
Note to Self | Binghamton University
Tributones | Monroe Community College
Vocal Point | University of Rochester

Quarterfinal 2
A Sharp Arrangement | SUNY Potsdam
The Buffalo Chips | SUNY Buffalo
C Sharp Singers | Carnegie Mellon University
Counterpoint | Carnegie Mellon University
Partial Credit | Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Pitch Please | SUNY Albany
The Pitt Pendulums | University of Pittsburgh
The Rusty Pipes | Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Quarterfinal 3
Macappella | McMaster University
The MacaFellas | McMaster University
On That Note | Ryerson University
The Pitches | SUNY Potsdam
PitchSlapped | McMaster University
The Pointercounts | SUNY Potsdam
Ryenamics | Ryerson University
Stay Tuned | SUNY Potsdam

Quarterfinal 4
The AcaBellas | University of Waterloo
Equivox | University of Western Ontario
The Musical InterDudes | University of Waterloo
Repercussions | University of Western Ontario
Surround Sound | University of Toronto
The Unaccompanied Minors | University of Waterloo
The Water Boys | University of Waterloo
Wibi A Cappella | York University


Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 7 pm CST via free livestream:
ICCA Great Lakes Livestream


Quarterfinal 1
Perfectly Authentic | Carthage College
Fundamentally Sound | University of Wisconsin – Madison
Amazin’ Blue | University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Melodytroit | Wayne State University
Counterpoint Acapella | Loyola University Chicago
The Ransom Notes | University of Chicago
Touch of Class | Illinois Wesleyan University

Quarterfinal 2
Nova | Alverno College
The G-Men | University of Michigan
Gold Vibrations | Oakland University
The Harmelodics | Northern Illinois University
Medusa | University of Chicago
Vocal Affinity | Illinois Weselyan University
Clef Hangers | Illinois State University

Quarterfinal 3
Pitches and Notes | University of Wisconsin – Madison
Maize Mirchi | University of Michigan
No Strings Attached | Western Michigan University
Unaccompanied Women | University of Chicago
Z minor | Illinois Institute of Technology
Silence Interrupted | Illinois Wesleyan University
The Xtension Chords | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Quarterfinal 4
Under A-Rest | University of Wisconsin – Madison
On the Rox | Central Michigan University
Summit Street A Cappella | Eastern Michigan University
Dissonance | Millikin University
On the Brink of Normal | Illinois State University
The Rip Chords | University of Illinois


Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 7 pm CST via free livestream:
ICCA Midwest Livestream


Quarterfinal 1
11th Avenue | University of Northern Colorado
Boots & Cats | University of Nebraska-Lincoln
The Enchantments | University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Fermata the Blue | Drake University
Mainstreet A Cappella | Colorado State University
Pitch Please | University of Nebraska-Lincoln
The Red Keys | University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Take Note | University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Quarterfinal 2
Audacity | Kansas State University
Beyond All Reason | Saint Louis University
Crimson & Blues | University of Kansas
Hibernotes | Missouri State University
Minor Detail | Truman State University
Shockappella | Wichita State University
Six Eight Christian Acappella | Saint Louis University

Quarterfinal 3
Case in Point | Case Western Reserve University
Dhamakapella | Case Western Reserve University
Majors & minors | The Ohio State University
Obertones | Oberlin College
The Ohio State of Mind | The Ohio State University
SŌL | Baldwin Wallace University
Ten40 | Bowling Green State University
Tonal Eclipse | Bowling Green State University

Quarterfinal 4
Avocalypse | University of Cincinnati
Ladies’ Choice | Ball State University
Sedoctave | Ball State University
Soundtracks | Purdue University
Vocaholics | University of Cincinnati
Underscore | University of Dayton
Unexpected Resolution | Ball State University


Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 7 pm EST via free livestream:
ICCA South Livestream


Quarterfinal 1
BisCaydence | University of Miami
HEARTbeats | Florida International University
Infinite Harmony | Georgia Institute of Technology
Lochs & Keys | Clayton State University
Scarlette Fever | University of Tampa
Tampa Tones | University of Tampa
Tones of Gold | University of South Florida

Quarterfinal 2
Acappology | North Carolina State University
The Accidentals | University of Georgia
Central Songbirds | North Carolina Central University
Ecotones | The University of Georgia
Nothin’ but Treble | Georgia Tech
Sympathetic Vibrations | Georgia Institute of Technology
Toccatatones | High Point University

Quarterfinal 3
Chordination | North Carolina State University
Codachrome | University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Dynamix | Clemson University
Tar Heel Voices | The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The Tarpeggios | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Wolfgang | North Carolina State University

Quarterfinal 4
Ascension | East Tennessee State University
Harmonic Notion | Vanderbilt University
Harmonium | East Tennessee State University
Pitchmen | Belmont University
UT Singers | University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Vandy Taal | Vanderbilt University

Quarterfinal 5
HardChord DynaMix | Texas A&M University
The Horned Tones | Texas Christian University
OneSound | Collin College
Overly Chromatic | University of Texas at San Antonio
Prismatics | Belmont University
RISE | The University of Texas at Arlington


Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 7 pm PST via free livestream:
ICCA West Livestream


Quarterfinal 1
Amplified | University of Arizona
CatCall | University of Arizona
Devil Clefs | Arizona State University
Noteriety | University of Arizona
Pitchforks | Arizona State University
Priority Male | Arizona State University
The TEMPEtations | Arizona State University
The Undertones | Arizona State University

Quarterfinal 2
Eh? Cappella | University of British Columbia
Furmata | University of Washington
Headband | Willamette University
The Northwest Collective | University of British Columbia
OUTSPOKEN | Oregon State University
Pacific Note West | Western Washington University
Pacific Pitches | the University of British Columbia
UBCO Beats | University of British Columbia Okanagan

Quarterfinal 3
Business Casual | University of Utah
The Harmonics | Stanford University
The Liquid Hotplates | University of California, Davis
Lounge Lizards | UC Davis
Noteworthy | Brigham Young University
The Spokes | University of California Davis
Vocal Track | University of Utah
VoiceLine | Utah Valley University

Quarterfinal 4
Acamazing | University of California, San Diego
Daughters of Triton | University of California, San Diego
The Green Note | Portland State University
Mind the Gap | University of Oregon
Naked Voices | University of California, Santa Barbara
Sitaare | UC San Diego
SoundWave | San Diego State University
The Trebles | University of California, San Diego

Quarterfinal 5
Acasola | California State University, Northridge
Aerodynamix | University of california, irvine
Awaken A Cappella | UCLA
Bruin Harmony | UCLA
The Mendicants | Stanford University
Pitch, Please! | UCLA
Resonance | UCLA
Uniting Voices | University of California, Irvine
VPR | California State University Northridge


Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 7 pm GMT via free livestream:
ICCA UK Livestream


Quarterfinal 1
Acappellads | Cardiff University
The Bluebelles | University of Exeter
DeciBelles | Cardiff University
Illuminations | University of Exeter
Pitch Fight | University of Bristol
Semi-Toned | University of Exeter
The Bristol Suspensions | University of Bristol
Vox | Cardiff University

Quarterfinal 2
The Accidentals | University of St. Andrews
Cloud Nine | University of Edinburgh
Licence to Trill | University of Edinburgh
Northern Lights | Durham University
NUmen | Newcastle University
The Songsmiths | University of Leeds
Tone Up | Edinburgh University
Tune Army | Newcastle University

Quarterfinal 3
Aca-Pocalypse | University of Nottingham
Aquapella | University Of Bath
Factory A Cappella | University of Sheffield
RadioOctave | University of Nottingham
Sussinct | University of Sussex
The Techtonics | Imperial College London
Unplugged | University of Nottingham