Our priority is and has always been making space for students to share their music. In the interest of equity and providing as many performance opportunities as possible, for this year, we have opened up our ICCA & ICHSA Semifinal Wildcard in select regions. This is an optional opportunity open to groups who placed third in ICCA semifinals in select regions; for ICHSA groups, depending on region, it was open to most groups who did not advance from quarterfinals.


In each region, we have room for 10 semifinalists; in a typical year, that’s the top 2 groups from 5 quarterfinals per region. This year, in select regions, we have fewer than 5 quarterfinals, which means we can advance additional groups. Therefore, groups who placed third at quarterfinals became eligible to submit a video recording of their set. These videos were reviewed by a team of our judges, and the top groups were offered a spot at semifinals, where they join the 1st and 2nd place groups from quarterfinals and round out our semifinal lineups to 10.

The following groups will advance to live semifinals:

ICHSA Midwest: Take Note, William Henry Harrison High School, Harrison, OH
ICHSA Northeast: Voices of Steel, Wakefield HS, Wakefield, MA
ICHSA Mid-Atlantic: CHS Varsity Vocals, Carteret, NJ
ICHSA West: Scots-Appella, McKay High School, Salem, OR and Vocal Spectrum, Madison High School, Rexburg,ID

The following groups will advance to live semifinals:

ICCA Central: Ithacappella, Ithaca College and The Potsdam Pitches, SUNY-Potsdam
ICCA Northeast: The Hofbeats, Hofstra University and The Harvard Opportunes
ICCA South: Cockappella, University of South Carolina and Tar Heel Voices, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
ICHSA Southwest: The Pitchforks, Arizona State University and HardChord DynaMix, Texas A&M University

Congratulations and thank you to ALL groups who participated! This year more than any other, it is truly a significant accomplishment to have put together such impressive sets and to have shown up for competition. It’s a testament to your artistic talent as well as your determination and focus that you were able to create and perform under such challenging circumstances.