The 26th season of Varsity Vocals tournaments is finally here — and, finally, it will be (mostly) live and in person! When our tournament begins this January, it will have been nearly two years since our thousands of competitors have been able to take the stage. We have missed this so much, and we are more excited than ever to be able to experience the glory of a cappella with each other.

This year, our ICCA and ICHSA tournaments will officially be a hybrid of live and virtual events. Most of our events will be live, with COVID safety protocols varying by event, based on regional practices, venue requirements, and participation requirements set by competitors’ schools. As a general matter, our goal is to balance safe practices with accessibility, to make our events safe but also possible this year. Competitors will receive instructions from their producers, and audiences will be given protocols in the event listing on our site — along with venue name, address, event time, and ticket information.

Both tournaments will also hold one virtual semifinal round, with winners advancing to the tournament wild card round preceding finals. These virtual “regions” will be tournament-wide and will feature groups only participating virtually. Additionally, given reduced participation this season, several ICCA and ICHSA regions will hold fewer than 5 quarterfinals, which would result in fewer than our maximum 10 groups at semifinals. In those regions, we will also hold a virtual wild card round in order to advance additional groups to semifinals. Our intention with these virtual rounds is to give as many groups as possible as many options and chances as possible to participate.

We are humbled to see so many groups returning to live competition after two years of dark stages. We will never again take for granted the honor of providing this platform for so many talented people to share their music and their message. We have missed this so much, and the world needs it now more than ever.

We are thrilled to present your 2022 Varsity Vocals Tournament Lineup:

ICCA 2022 Lineup
The 26th ICCA tournament will feature 6,000 singers from 400 groups in 33 states and 5 countries.
(click above link to view competitors and event assignments)

ICHSA 2022 Lineup
The 17th ICHSA tournament will feature 2,800 performers in 185 groups from 26 states.

Please note that several live event locations and dates are still tentative or otherwise remain unannounced. Many venues are still waiting to formally book events, as reopening protocols roll out. We appreciate your patience as we work to get this information to you as soon as possible. Should we be unable to secure a venue for any event, or should the COVID situation change in any locality, we reserve the right to convert that event to virtual.

Tickets for most events go on sale in December. See you soon!