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01. THE KIDS AREN’T ALRIGHT- OPB The Offspring Logarhythms, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
02. EVERLONG – OPB Foo Fighters Amalgamates, Tufts University
03.  BREATHE – OPB Michelle Branch The Bostonians, Boston College
04. SOMEWHERE NORTH – OPB Caedmon’s Call Aires, Dartmouth College
05. WHATEVER YOU WANT – OPB N’dea Davenport Everyday People, Stanford University
06. GOING UNDER- OPB Evanescence Off the Beat, University of Pennsylvania
07. THE WAY YOU MOVE – OPB Outkast Clef Hangers, University of North Carolina
08. A SORTA FAIRYTALE – OPB Tori Amos Random Voices, University of California – Los Angeles
09. TRAGIC KINGDOM – OPB No Doubt Octopodes, Johns Hopkins University
10. PUSH IT – OPB Garbage Shades, Claremont Colleges
11. WHERE WOULD YOU BE – OPB Martina McBride Sil’hooettes, University of Virginia
12. RUN – OPB Collective Soul Mixed Company, Stanford University
13. GA-AGUA – OPB Yehudit Ravitz Shir Appeal, Tufts University
14. UNWELL – OPB Matchbox 20 TIGEROAR, Clemson University
15. MONA LISA – APB Guster Mass Transit, New York University
16. SHE WILL BE LOVED- OPB Maroon 5 Out of the Blue, Duke University
17. WAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU GO-GO – OPB Wham! Mendicants, Stanford University
18. TIME IS RUNNING OUT – OPB Muse Sirens, University of Southern California
19. ANGEL – OPB Sarah McLachlan Amazin’ Blue, University of Michigan
20. HEY YA – OPB Outkast Hullabahoos, University of Virginia
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