About Our Tournaments

Memories that will last a lifetime



Ours are the only international tournaments that showcase student — and now professional — a cappella singing.

We believe that competition fosters growth, as groups work together toward a specific goal as an ensemble, cultivating lifelong friendships and creating an experience that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

We provide top-notch student groups with feedback from our highly qualified judges. Even better, our singers get to connect with a larger audience from across the country, learning from their peers and finding inspiration in other groups.

College Tournament

The ICCA — that’s the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella — takes place from January through April. It’s a bracket system, with quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals. It was founded in a college dorm room in 1996 and has since grown to include 450 groups competing in nine regions in the U.S. and Europe. Finals are in the historic Beacon Theatre in New York City.

High School Tournament

The ICHSA — International Championship of High School A Cappella — was founded in 2001 out of the growing interest in a cappella singing at the high school level. We’ve since seen an explosion in participation and talent, and many of the high school groups could hold their own competing at the college level. The tournament now has grown to include 150 groups competing in quarterfinals and semifinals in 8 regions nationwide. The finals are in NYC’s Town Hall Theater.

The Open

The Open — The International Championship of A Cappella Open — is an all-access a cappella tournament that brings together singers and singing groups of all ages and stages of life — regardless of experience, origin, student status, or school affiliation — to compete on an international stage. Groups of all kinds are invited to apply, and the year’s reigning ICCA and ICHSA Finalists advance directly to the final round. The Open Finals are in NYC’s famed Carnegie Hall, where groups will compete for $25,000 to jump start their professional career!

What Are You Waiting For?

Does your group have what it takes? Join the international a cappella craze!

This is us music folks’ version of sports and teaching youth about what it means to be a team. As a director, my experience in bringing students to compete has been that students become the best versions of themselves, as performers, singers and young people. Varsity Vocals fosters a positive, encouraging, competitive environment that’s healthy for singers of all ages!

Lisa Forkish

director of Oakland School for the Arts Vocal Rush and former ICCA finalist