David Rabizadeh


David Rabizadeh has played an active role in Varsity Vocals programming since 2008, spending his first two years as a producer for the ICCA before assuming his present role as ICCA Director. Under his leadership, the ICCA has more than doubled in size, expanding to reach more than 300 groups at 40 competitions in the US and UK this season. David’s attention to detail, presence of mind, character, and genuine enthusiasm for our tournament make him a driving force in collegiate a cappella today.

David began his a cappella career with the co-ed OrphanSporks at Rutgers University, where he earned bachelor’s degrees in business economics and information technology. He also founded the university’s first male a cappella group, Casual Harmony. Under David’s leadership, Casual Harmony competed and hosted in several successful ICCA events.

David is also accomplished in the a cappella recording world, having served both as a nominator and judge for the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards. He produced two full-length albums for Casual Harmony during his tenure, earning such critical acclaim as five CARA nominations and selection for the BOCA: Best Of College A Cappella album as well as other major compilations.


Owner of Founding Fathers Sports Bar & Grill, avid CrossFitter and Excel wiz.

Dave explains to an ICCA audience the time-honored concept of keeping applause within a competition set to an “enthusiastic minimum.”

A quiet moment in New York City’s Town Hall Theatre before the doors open to the 2013 ICCA Finals.

“It’s good to be the king.” Fun with an early (failed) prototype of The Gooding Cup.