Jillian Kimberlin


Jillian Kimberlin has been singing ever since she can remember, but she started her a cappella career in 2007 with Rutgers University‘s award-winning all-female a cappella group, ShockWave. Jillian served as the group’s treasurer, business manager, and president during her four-year tenure, and she was also executive producer for their second and third albums, Breakthrough and IMPACT, which were both recognized by the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards.

Jillian joined Varsity Vocals as an ICHSA producer in 2012 and is thrilled to be part of the a cappella community.


Dancing, yoga, The Walking Dead, musical theatre, pandas. She enjoys spending time with her favorite puppies, TigerLily and Tinkerbell, and planning her wedding with her aca-sweetheart, Ryan!