Jillian Kimberlin



Jillian Kimberlin is an alumna of Rutgers University and was a member of its all-female a cappella group, ShockWave, where she served as the Business Manager and President for the majority of her time. Through close personal connections and her group’s participation in the ICCA during her time, she joined the Varsity Vocals team back in 2012 as ICHSA Mid-Atlantic Producer (when the competition was so new there weren’t even quarterfinals)!

Since she can remember, Jillian has been involved in the arts, mostly thanks to her sisters and her mother. She has been heavily involved in New Jersey community theatre, where she ran multiple performing arts youth programs alongside her family and close friends. Though her time in the community theatre world has come to an end (for now), she is grateful to continue to be a part of the a cappella community to give more young artists the opportunity to do what they love, just as she did when she was their age.

Jillian lives in Mount Laurel, NJ, with her partner, Saqib, sweet daughter, June, and their crazy pup, Sansa. She spends her days in marketing, her nights cooking and playing, and her weekends with the ones she loves (at least when it’s not a cappella season).


Cooking, coffee, wine, traveling, snuggling, poetry, navigating how to raise a kind human.