Gemma Davies



Gemma Davies joined the world of a cappella in 2015 via a then-brand new endeavour led by rebellious barbershoppers called The Bristol Suspensions. Many mashups, choreo sessions, and terrible puns later (plus a short stint in an all-female group, Pitch Fight), Gemma moved back home to London and formed her own group with a fellow Suspension. Though short-lived, this helped to keep her fire for a cappella singing burning, alongside organising social mixers for aca-graduates in London, including the UK A Cappella Ball.

Gemma began her Varsity Vocals journey as a Production Assistant in 2018 and 2019, and she is excited to support and build upon the rapidly growing ICCA UK region.


Playing oboe, throwing themed tea parties, cooking, travelling, reading, swimming, the Oxford comma, and learning new skills