Emily Flanders


Emily Flanders has been with Varsity Vocals since 2008, and has served as Director of Adjudication, ICCA Midwest Producer, ICCA Northeast Producer, ICCA Central Producer, ICCA Great Lakes Producer, and as an Associate Producer for ICHSA. An alumna of The Washington University Amateurs, Emily served as both Concert Coordinator and Group Coordinator while in the group. As part of the original team for CASA‘s BOSS festival, Emily is now in her sixth year as Competition and Professional Showcase producer. She is also the voice of the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards, and she is happy to record your outgoing voicemail — even if it’s in Finnish. Having recently relocated to Chicago, Emily spends all her spare time responding to distant relatives and camp friends asking if that really was her on Sing It On.

That time Emily and The Amateurs recorded their cover of “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds with none other than the man himself. This recording appeared on Ben Folds Presents: University A Cappella!


Literature, capes, art museums, St. Louis, Pilates, trampolines, people. Heels every day. Once spoke to Beyoncé on the phone.