Henry Harrod


Henry has been a strong advocate for pushing the ICCA to new and exciting realms. Whilst* a student and three-year member of the Techtonics at Imperial College London, he was the chair of the a cappella society and worked closely with Varsity Vocals to bring a semifinal round to the UK. During his tenure with the Techtonics, he toured the US with the group twice, acted as the group’s record producer, and performed in the 2016 ICCA Finals, where they became the first international group to win the Championship.

Since graduating, Henry is living in London and working as a freelance producer and technician.

* As a proper Brit and the official international face of the ICCA, Henry reserves the right to use British grammar, style, and idioms in all Varsity Vocals communications. Cheers!

** can’t stand hard cheese


Swimming, melted cheese**, hidden bars, traveling, and musical theatre*.