Arvin Zabalerio


Arvin Zabalerio joined Varsity Vocals in 2017 as the ICCA Central Producer and is ecstatic to be working with this amazing and beautiful team! Arvin is one of the first people to successfully complete the inaugural Varsity Vocals Production Assistant Program, through which he supported the ICCA and ICHSA Mid-Atlantic regions as well as the ICHSA Northeast region.

Arvin began his career in a cappella at Rutgers University with the all-male group Casual Harmony. He loved the a cappella community so much that he also joined the co-ed OrphanSporks at the beginning of his second year at Rutgers. Between the two groups, Arvin competed in the ICCA six times and hosted ten ICCA events. Arvin has won multiple awards for Outstanding Vocal Percussion in the ICCA, and his groups have placed at semifinals numerous times.

After graduating top of his class in chemical engineering, Arvin now works for PepsiCo as a Supply Chain Operations and Process Improvement Resource at a manufacturing factory that makes Gatorade!


Traveling everywhere, sunsets, long walks on the beach, his guitars (Stefana, Estelle, and Lydia), exercising, sleeping, beatboxing, the New York Yankees, Instagram photography, and John Mayer