Sara Yood


Sara Yood has been a producer for Varsity Vocals since 2003 and has been singing a cappella since her high school years. Sara currently serves as Producer for ICCA Finals, ICHSA Finals, and The Open Finals. She is also a regional producer for The Open as well as ICHSA Northeast Producer. She has previously served as ICCA Midwest Producer and ICCA Northeast/New England Producer.

Sara served as both Concert Coordinator and Group Coordinator for The Amateurs at Washington University in St. Louis, leading the group to their first appearance in the ICCA.

After moving to New York City in 2004, Sara sang with Treble, New York’s all-female a cappella group. Sara then attended Fordham Law School, where of course she directed the law school’s co-ed a cappella group The Tortfeasors. She is now an intellectual property lawyer in Manhattan, where she also sings with the New York City Master Chorale.


Theater, feminism, cooking, barre, distance running, copyright law, Red Sox. Always looking for the best lobster roll.