Courtney Jensen


Singer and beatboxer Courtney Jensen has been performing since a she was a tiny tot. She attended Brigham Young University, where majored in theater with an emphasis in directing and performed with Noteworthy for four wonderful years. In 2007, they won the ICCA, and to this day that is her favorite performing experience.

Since then, Courtney has appeared on The Sing-Off with The Backbeats and recorded an amazing album with The Riveters.

Courtney is married to the lovely Rachelle Wofford, who she met on stage at an ICCA semifinal, where they were competing against each other. Together they hope to have 16 babies and raise them to be a super a cappella group and gently force them to uphold the ICCA competition tradition.


Beatboxing, funny You Tube videos (making & watching), an unhealthy obsession with Sara Bareilles, candy, and college football.

Courtney is an energetic and hilarious emcee at many of the events she produces, as well as at ICCA & ICHSA Finals. Here, she charms the audience at the 2015 ICHSA Northeast Semifinals.

Courtney joins current and former members of BYU Noteworthy to sing “How Great Thou Art” at their 10-year reunion. Courtney also performed this song with Noteworthy in their 2007 ICCA Finals-winning set.

Courtney’s favorite performance with The Backbeats on The Sing-Off was this Lady Gaga medley. Anyone who can beatbox and do the robot while wearing 4-inch heels and a metallic minidress deserves to be on prime time network TV!