Emily Sucher



Emily (they/she) dabbled in a cappella throughout high school and college, singing in all-gender and treble groups. While their schedule prevented them from staying on with her college group long-term, the experience instilled a deep respect for their dedication, creativity, and musicianship. (Plus, they’ll always “da-da” along to the guitar part whenever Sara Bareilles’ “Love Song” is playing).

A graduate of  Johns Hopkins University, Emily holds a B.A. in writing and a minor in theatre arts & studies. They currently work in the arts world as an actor, intimacy director, and teaching artist, and in medical schools as a clinical skills educator and standardized patient. Check out their professional news and updates at www.emily-sucher.com.

Emily is thrilled to rejoin the a cappella world with Varsity Vocals.


In addition to performing, Emily loves watching theatre, films, and TV and is always prepared to analyze their favorites at length. Also fun: singing, coffee-drinking, and dogs (especially their sister’s giant St. Bernard, Nemo).